buy Lyrical dance costumes online click here “A lot of the apprehensions that I had … apprehensions about Islam … is like … if I had to convert, who would I be … what’s my identity going to be  … if I have to give up what I’ve known for years”

The thoughts of somebody who found themselves drawn towards Islam and who was concerned about the impact it would have on their life if they became a Muslim.

The concerns are not with Islam itself – it’s with your own perception of Islam and what it could mean to embrace Islam in your life.

Questions about what other people will think of you, how will your life change, what about your family, your friends – these are the questions that you will wrestle with in your head and in your heart.

Try to remember that your friends or family may also feel worried about you.


Questions about Converting to Islam

Here we look at some of the common problems and questions faced by people when they convert to Islam.

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Your family may not understand why you would want to become a Muslim.

Try and remember that they are concerned about you. It may be difficult for you to explain everything that is going through your head and the reasons why you want to become a Muslim.

Think about how you are going to tell your family. Who can you tell first? Who will be more open to understanding you?

Perhaps your family are not religious or don’t believe in God. Perhaps members of your family can have very negative views of Islam. They may even be very islamophobic.

Take your time. Don’t make any drastic changes. Take things slowly.

Try and always keep good relations with your family. Be polite and respectful – even if they are giving you a hard time about your choice.

You don’t have to let everyone know about your decision to become Muslim at once. You can perhaps slowly introduce members of your family to the idea of you being Muslim over time.

Quite often your family might already have guessed what has happened to you but just haven’t said anything to you.

Sometimes your family will not understand and will be so against the idea of you turning to Islam that things become strained between you. Try and always stay calm and don’t get angry. Keep the door open to them.



Hopefully your friends will understand the decision you have made. You usually find that most of your friends will be very accepting.

Be prepared, however, if one or two of your friends are very opposed to the idea of you being a Muslim. It may cause problems between you where there weren’t problems before.

Perhaps they are anti-religion, anti-God or anti-Islam. Perhaps they are not the people or friends that you thought they were.

Where your friendship becomes hurtful and toxic you might have to consider the thought of losing a friend from your life. If this does happen, always try and keep the door open so that your friendship may be re-established in the future. Don’t do or say anything hurtful.

In most cases, your friends will not have a problem with your decision to become a Muslim. They might not understand your decision but will remain your friend as before.

You will also make many new friends in your new life as a Muslim.


Changing your name

You might get asked what is your new Islamic name when you become a Muslim.

Many people wrongly think that you have to change your name once you enter Islam. This is not correct. Only in a tiny minority of cases would you have to change your name and this is when your name is offensive in some way or is against the teachings of Islam.

You can change your name if you want to – but that decision is for you to make, no-one else.

Don’t be pressured into changing your name if you don’t want to. Politely tell whoever is suggesting this to you that you don’t wish to change your name and that there is no Islamic requirement for it.

If you do wish to adopt an Islamic sounding name, then it is wise to take your time and choose a name carefully. One that you like and that means something to you.

Some people will try and give you a new name. Don’t let them choose a name for you. Choose one for yourself if you are sure that is what you really want to do.

Remember that your parents carefully selected your name especially for you and that you may be showing great disrespect to them if you go about things the wrong way.

By becoming a Muslim, you have made your own name a Muslim name.


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