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Worried about someone converting to Islam?

buy Lyrica online india Perhaps someone you know has become interested in Islam and you are worried about them?

Being worried shows that you care about them.

where to buy keflex online Look at their behaviour. Can you see anything bad going on?

Perhaps their behaviour and attitude has actually improved. They might be more … thoughtful … considerate … polite … at peace … content … less angry? If you can see any of these attributes and improvements, then surely nothing bad is happening.

If someone is thinking about becoming a Muslim then there can be a lot going on in their mind as they question their morals, standards, prejudices and experiences.

They might seem pre-occupied or introverted. They might not have the same time for you as before.

This is not intentional, so please do not worry. It’s just that they are so wrapped up with working things out in their mind that they don’t realise that they have become remote from you and have been a bit selfish with their time.

Sometimes it’s hard for them to tell you exactly what is going on in their lives. This is because they don’t really know either and are still trying to work things out for themselves. They are not being evasive.

Once they resolve some of the questions bouncing around in their heads then they will be able to be open with you and explain things. You might not understand, or agree, but hopefully you will come to respect their position.

If you want to ask any questions that are worrying you about Islam, or what it means to be a Muslim, please use the form on the Contacts page to get in touch and we will try to answer your questions. Total confidentiality is assured.

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Importance of Family Ties in Islam

Family ties can be stressed and strained by virtue of the fact that someone has decided to embrace Islam and become a Muslim. Maintaining family ties is extremely important in Islam and the breaking of family ties is very much disliked and is something to be discouraged. Family links should be made stronger and not weakened.

follow url Adam Kelwick is a Muslim chaplain in the Liverpool area and he has enormous experience in helping new Muslims adjust to the changes in their life. In this video, Adam and his companions discuss the different problems that could arise within a family when someone decides to convert to Islam and suggest ways in which family relationships can be maintained.


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